Human Capital Process Maturity Yields Results

Our client, a $100M/yr steel design, fabrication and construction operation, was concerned that their existing human capital practices weren’t optimized to the current requirements of the business.

We worked with the HR and Operations management to conduct an HR practices audit against a comprehensive process maturity model, and within a week provided senior managers with a roadmap to prioritize changes to HR policies and practices that would ensure they got the best “bang for their buck” in their HR investment.

The Results

The company was able to focus their Human Capital Management practice improvement efforts on those things that would:

  • Yield the biggest improvements, fastest, with the lowest overall cost and disruption to the business, and
  • Lay a solid foundation for additional improvements
  • Create increased focus on the cause/effect relationship between human capital practices and organizational performance across the company in general, and for HR leaders and practitioners in particular
  • Generate significantly greater cooperation between HR and Operations
  • Create lear alignment between HR policies & practices and the overall organizational strategy

The company continues to be a leader in their industry and has consistently won “Best Place to Work” and “Best Managed Company” awards in the sector.

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