Peter is focused on individual and collective competency. He enjoys helping organizations in creating the type of work environment where people thrive. A place where individual development and organizational growth go hand in hand. With experience in the construction, manufacturing and public sectors, Peter brings a multidisciplinary approach to tackling the most pressing problems that organizations are facing today; in particular, the attraction, development, and retention of critical talent.

His experience in the construction industry underpins his belief in building a strong foundation for business success. Creating that foundation ensures that your business – like a well-built home – will be resilient, strong and able to overcome any challenges that it may face. He’s passionate about helping his clients use competency and talent to disrupt their industries.

Peter has been involved in a number of initiatives focused on competency – from occupational profiling in the oil and gas sector, to transferable skills analysis for transitioning workers, to co-development of a comprehensive human capital management assessment process to guide clients in their journey toward becoming talent-first organizations.

Peter is pleased to join forces with a great team of expert colleagues to create WorkForce Strategies International – a new brand, but the same tight focus on finding practical solutions to address skills gaps and drive productivity and competitiveness.

Helping organizations grow and prosper through a focus on competency and effective human capital management is Peter’s passion. Click here to get in touch, and let’s start growing your business by growing your people.