What Are They?

WFSI utilizes a variety of psychometrically validated tools to assess for individual and collective/team traits that align with high performance, high engagement, and overall organizational “fit”. Tools include TMA, Belbin, INSIGHT, and others. These can be employed as part of pre-employment selection/screening, team optimization, succession management, and as part of an overall employee development strategy.

What Issues Can They Address?

Psychometric tests are useful to assess the potential of individuals, understand how best to fit them into your organization, customize developmental pathways, and/or optimize the talent mix on a team to increase their probability of success.  

How It Works

Packages of assessments for individuals, as well as corporate programs and the associated consulting services to integrate them into your organization, as well as customized solutions, are available. All services begin with a discovery call to determine how best to fit assessments into your overall strategy.