What Are They?

WFSI’s Strategic Advisory Services practice is focused on helping our clients align their strategy, structure and skills to ensure they can thrive now, and in the future. We take a comprehensive approach rooted in the ISO 20700 standards for the provision of management consulting services.

Our Process

Our 5-step process ensures the RIGHT solution for your organization 

  • Discovery: Let’s figure out what’s going on – “Prescription without diagnosis is called malpractice” – we won’t just sell you something without first conducting a detailed discovery to figure out what’s happening, what the symptoms are and what may be the cause.  
  • Analysis and Diagnosis: “Let’s figure out why it’s happening” – We take the information collected in Discovery and determine root cause – so we can address the REAL issue 
  • Solution and Option Development: “There’s usually more than one way to skin a cat” – We design different solutions to address the root cause of an issue, with “do it yourself”,  “done with you” and “done for you” options to optimize your results within your constraints.   
  • Implementation Support: “Let’s make sure the solution generates the results you’re after, sustainably” – We will assist you in embedding the changes into your organization for lasting change.  
  • Capability Transfer and Project Closeout: “Let’s make sure you have everything you need” – our formal handover process ensures all the documentation, processes, etc. are handed over and you are equipped to carry on without us. 

What Issues Do We Address?

The approach is aimed at determining root cause of the kinds of performance issues that consistently show up for our clients, while providing a window to address potential future risks. The overall aim is to help create vibrant, agile, adaptive organizations that can “punch above their weight” now, and into the future. Our holistic approach moves the needle on key performance metrics, including:  

  • Safety  
  • Quality 
  • Productivity 
  • Cost 
  • Innovation 
  • Engagement  

How Does It Work?

We begin with an assessment of the current and desired future states and work with you to fully understand the issues and constraints, and then develop a concrete action plan for improvement. We can then provide varying levels of on-going assistance as your organization moves toward becoming a more agile, learning organization.  

Where needed, we also provide tailored training and coaching to key personnel to accelerate improvement

  • Leadership development 
  • Rapid skilling 
  • Competency-based management training 

Proof That It Works

Case Study #1: Competency and Mapping Assessment

Case Study #2: Human Capital Process Maturity

Additional Material: