Your organization receives immediate benefit in better led, higher performing teams.

Elevate your organization’s game with WFSI’s Front-Line Leadership Program! Designed for team leads, supervisors and front-line managers, this comprehensive program hones supervisory skills, empowering you to excel in your role. From effective communication to team dynamics to conflict management, unlock your people’s full potential and drive success for your team and organization.

Our Program is Modular

We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” type of program. As part of our program, we work with you and your organization to ensure we focus on your most pressing needs before we start the program.

We Can Help Your Company Apply for the Canada Job Grant

We work with your organization to help you apply for the Canada Job Grant, which can reimburse your organization up to 66% of the program costs!

Additional Support

To increase the success of our program, we provide follow up support to behavioural and organizational change that drives improvement. We’ve found that this dramatically increases capability improvements and helps people work out any challenges they encounter while implementing our solutions.

The program is a customized mix of lectures, group work, open discussions, self-assessment instruments, experiential learning and coaching that promotes essential front-line leadership behaviours such as:

Conflict Resolution

You will learn how to establish trust and collaboration, and how to deal with conflict within your team.

Motivational Skills

Motivation is the driving force for success with performance.  You will learn how to properly motivate people, and identify individual motivators.

Communication Skills

Communication is key, as they say! You will learn how to recognize and mitigate communication barriers, and understand the basics of non-verbal communication.

Team Building Skills

We introduce the Training Within Industry (TWI) methods, and other critical elements of building and developing a successful team.

Effective Task Planning

You will learn how to observe and understand task planning and leadership behaviour in a simulated production environment, and learn a simple way to develop a plan for an unfamiliar task.

Employee Development

As a supervisor, you need to take an active role in training. Research suggests that the most cost-effective way to teach skills is on the job. It is also the fastest with the best results – IF IT IS DONE PROPERLY.

Change Management

Change is difficult. Change causes stress. Change is uncomfortable. BUT Organizations that able to adapt quickly to changes in markets, regulatory requirements, standards, etc will be the ones that thrive. You will learn how to manage change effectively.


You will learn how to identify the steps necessary for successful delegation, recognize the characteristics that will increase the success of delegation, recognize the importance of the work environment and TRUST in effective delegation, and determine the necessary elements for developing an empowering work environment.


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