Jeff and his team helped me define the skills and competencies I needed in the first official hire for my business. As a small business owner trying to grow, his help was absolutely instrumental. I can’t recommend WFSI highly enough especially for small businesses – we so often struggle to know what we need and having someone who really understands how to organize a team and find good people is a Godsend. Jeff had me sit down and define what the business needed and then helped me find it. I can’t say thank you enough.

Carla Davidson, PhD

Endeavour Scientific Inc.

Jeff Griffiths is a competency mastermind who beholds ideas and concepts that really enhance the Canadian learning environment and the workforce of the future. Although I was a client of Jeff’s, working with him was more like having a world-class mentor at your fingertips.

Heather DeBoer


I have worked with Jeff on several projects for the home inspection industry. His work ethic, knowledge, and patience helped produce many positive outcomes which will be of great value to the industry for years. He quickly gained an understanding of the issues facing our sector and helped guide us to achieve a strong national certification program that is now in place.

Bill Mullen

Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors

Jeff knows the principles and practices of this business better than anyone I know. He embodies a practical, results-orientated approach built from extensive research and a multitude of cross sector work experiences. He is equally comfortable in the board room or on the front lines of any operation, and he can resolve systemic issues using exceptional people skills and well developed problem solving processes. He is able to see what needs to be done and then has the will, the discipline and competence to do it.

Doug Ross

Leadership coach

Jeff is a great consultant to work with. He brings a professional commitment to delivering a quality product that both he and the client can be proud of. Jeff was able to bring a think out-of-the-box perspective that enables us to save time and cost.

Pat Campbell

VP, Supply Chain Management Association

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff several times over the years. He is a great consultant, always getting to the root cause of the issue he is consulting on. He covers every detail and that makes your job easier.

Rick McClure

H&S Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and his team while working on an e-commerce application for the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council. Jeff’s contributions to the project were insightful, actionable, and well-grounded strategically.

Jennifer Savage

President, Web Drive Canada

We worked with Jeff and his team in developing a uniform national certification program for Canada. Their support and contribution have helped us raise the bar on the competency of building code officials, and to reach international standards of excellence. Their ability to work with diverse groups on a range of regional and national concerns and his ability to achieve consensus and action for results is unique among the consultants we’ve worked with.

Richard Bushey

Executive Director (ret’d) Building Officials Association of British Columbia

They’ve been Instrumental in helping an entire industry raise its level of competency by focusing on the most important touch-point for the transfer of skills and knowledge from one person to the other. Their OJT methods accelerated and improved the transfer, and has revolutionized the way employees learn and managers teach. Who would have thought that a program from the 40’s, updated for today, could be so effective? But it has, and the results have been phenomenal. Member companies are reporting huge gains in efficiency, productivity, communications, and sense of pride and accomplishment through this approach.

Tony DiGiovanni

President, Landscape Ontario

Our previous approach (basically ad hoc) produced a trained Operator in about 15 months. We work with hazardous chemicals and make a wide array of products, so safety and quality are a huge concern, and we reckoned that this was an acceptable amount of time.  After Jeff taught us the TWI approach, (it still sends chills down my spine that something originally created for World War II is still so effective) we’re not consistently training new operators in 6 months or less. Our training is more consistent, rework is down, quality is up, and we haven’t had a lost time accident in years.

Brian McMillan

Production Manager, Engenium Chemicals Corp