WorkForce Strategies International: Who We Are

WorkForce Strategies International Inc (WFSI) was formed in 2019, merging the expertise of three founding organizations: Actura Performance Inc, Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group Inc, and Peter Andryszewicz Enterprises. The company and its legacy firms have extensive experience in improving organizational capability through the development of human capital.  

We believe strongly that: 

  1. People inherently can learn, grow, and perform beyond expectation 
  1. Competency (individual and collective) drives execution of organizational strategy.  
  1. Competency is the key to an organization’s success 
  1. Lifelong learning, growth and human potential are critical values that we embody and instill in our clients. 
  1. Doing work that matters, and doing it well, drives satisfaction and productivity for individuals. 
  1. Working in a lean, efficient, purpose-driven organizations is more satisfying – which drives higher performance and makes for a better place to work.  
  1. Change is good. Dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty is a critical skill in the 21st Century.   

Our mission is to help our clients leverage individual and collective competency in their organization to improve their productivity, competitiveness, and agility and prepare themselves to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  

WFSI, 2019

Our work has covered the whole range of workforce and talent management interventions, from developing occupational standards at the national and industry levels, through competency-based training and certification programs, to evaluating human capital management processes and practices, to helping determine the right mix of competencies to achieve organizational success, to assessing against these competencies, to developing programs to fill gaps. Regardless of where an organization is on their competency journey, we can assist them in improving results.  

Our hearts lie in the “backbone” industries that are crucial to a country’s economic success – but we have worked across a variety of sectors including (alphabetically): aerospace and defence, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, professional services, transportation/logistics, and utilities.  

Over our collective history, we have evolved a range of services aimed at helping clients develop agile, resilient, learning organizations as a prerequisite to generating superior customer value and business results.

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